Friday, September 17, 2010

US of Aaay...Contiki!

Who's been on a Contiki tour?

I have and they are so much fun...boozing, sightseeing, costumes and more...

That's why when my friend approached me with the idea of the USA, I just couldn't say no! So i got down to work to find the best deal for us! You can get some amazing savings with Contiki!

So we've choosen our tour the Eastern Discovery, It's from New Orleans to New York City Via Miami, Washington DC and More...have I made you jealous yet?

But check these amazing discounts out.

We get to save $150 or so just for booking 6 months early and then 5% off the rest of the trip because i've been on one before...I also think that up's to 10% if you've been on 2 in 3 years! Yay! I love discounts!
Go take a look at the Contiki website and book yourself a trip now!

Take you're pick Australia, Europe, North America, New Zealand or Asia...endless possibilities

Trust Me you won't regret it!!

1 comment:

  1. That looks like such an amazing trip! I really want to do a contiki now! And that is so interesting about the little discounts you get - how cleaver! Hope you have an amazing time - you might end up modelling in new york this time steph!?!?


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