Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Tree Hill

One Tree there really one tree on the hill??

This week my friend lent me Season 6 of One Tree Hill. There all meant to be about the same age as me, oh how we live different lives. Lets take a look Nathan and Haley, their happily married with Jamie his an NBA player and she's a teacher and a rock star...thats soo unfair where's my sexy NBA don't even get me started on Brooke gee I hate her.

Sure it's a show, know one would watch it if it was less fictional but still all my friends have plans, they all know what they want to do with their lives weather it be Nursing, Teaching ect.

Then theres me who's not really doing anything but has all these big plans...I wan't to go to New York but first...I need money and where do you get money from...or right a job...which I don't have!!

So one promising thing did happen I joined a temp agency and boom I got a temp job for the next 2 weeks 10-2 sweet I thought...only I was there for three days and on that third day they waited till the end of the day to tell me that they'd hired a permanet girl and she can start right away so we won't need you anymore...grrr just when I thought I was going so well...and sure they said I was excellent that still doesn't help that I gave up my part time job for i'm left with nothing and i'm back to where I started!!

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