Thursday, March 24, 2011

That Should Be Me...

I'm ashamed to say I really really love the new Justin Bieber song featuring Rascal Flatts!
It's not as bad as it seems i'm a huge fan of Rascal Flatts and really rate there music so, when they decided to do a duet with the Biebs I was a little apprehensive.
But i've been proven wrong once again, and let me tell you that doesn't happen very often. but it's an amazing song and i can't stop singing it and belting it out at the top of my very tone deaf -not that lungs can really be tone deaf but you get my drift- lungs!!

I have just realised I haven't actually mentioned the name of the song, it's called That Should Be Me.

I think the songs lyrics are pretty relatable, everyones lost/will lose a partner to someone else. As they said on Glee this week, the best lyrics come from personal experinces!

I'm posting the youtube link below have a listen and tell me what you think!

Also while we are on the topic of music...Friday - need I say more! I do actually feel a bit sorry for her, out of all the songs this ark music has made Rebecca Blacks song isn't even the worst, if anything it's the best of a bad bunch!
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