Saturday, September 18, 2010


Look at my sexy new runners...

I love the colour description to...Silver Metallic - Cloudburst - Forever Blue...sounds like some kind of power puff girl!

I like to think that it helps to look good while running, it always makes me feel better!

So today I went and brought these little beauties from the Puma factory. $60 bucks the box said, walk up to the counter to pay only $45 bargin!
I love that feeling when you go up to the counter to pay for something and you're minds racing should I really buy this or I really need it -In this case I did- and then you get called up next, the item gets scanned and it's way cheaper than what you thought you were going to have to pay...relief washes over you and you decided yes i'll defs get it...but then you kind of panic a little thinking maybe they scanned it wrong or are going to look at the box and see that not the actual price so you hurry the transaction and fumble with your maybe it's just me then!

1 comment:

  1. Ooooooooo you lucky thing! Haha it is a great feeling and your runners look lovely and cool! Where is this factory??? I really need new runners, have not brought new ones since I was 16, now 22! uh oh!


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