Friday, October 29, 2010

Pet Hate

I have a few pet hates, but one I see all the time that physically pains me is when women wear runners with there work clothes.

I understand that it's a fitness thing and it's better for your feet but it looks horrible.

Clearly there mothers never told them the simple little rule that "Every days a Fashion Show"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This will make you laugh!

This little video is hilarious; it'd for all you people out there who have ever called an automated service! So frustrating when they don't understand you!!

This had me laughing in my office getting some very strange looks!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Whip My Hair!

As I was trolling through one of my favourite blogs the other week when I came across Willow Smiths - daughter of Will Smith- new song and video Whip My Hair.

It's a cute song and has a great beat, I can't get it outta my head.

But wait a second isn't she 9...when i was 9 I was still playing with my Barbies. (Ok so my dad wasn't famous and all but still) Don't get me wrong I love a good magazine special on the Hollywood kiddies as the next person but are these Hollywood tots growing up far to fast.

Suri Cruise only last week spent a reportedly $1300 on makeup. And has a wardrobe that would be a lot more than many of us will make in a life time! And she's 4 and wears high-heels! Jealous much? I am!

(I hope I get to take a photo just like this when I'm in Disneyland!)

Apparently the Joile-Pitt clan, are allowed to do what ever they like swear, eat junk and Maddox 9 drinks wine and drives the car around the property. These are claims from a money hungry nanny so who know if there true.

I struggled to find a photos of the modern Brady Bunch all together!

Kingston gotta be one of the coolest kiddies going around!

Apple and Moses soo cute!!

What do you think, is this the new Hollywood Brat Pack?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes!!

I had a pretty big Saturday night this past weekend, it was very fun indeed! But it got me thinking about what us girls put ourselves through on a night out! I may have had one too many drinks, but surprisingly was ok in the morning! But it wasn't until today that I woke today with an excruciating pain in my ankle - I unfortunately have a bad case of weak ankles from the years or Netball and the once unfortunate high jump experience when I was way to tall for the small mat- that I remember rolling it when i got out of the club and was looking for a taxi.

I know we've all heard it before that high heels are causing us women foot deformities, sciatic nerve pain, knee pain, herniated discs and a range of other crippling maladies. But why am I telling you this…just have a look at the video below.

I'm not going to lie i'll still wear high heels just maybe with more caution now! And not till my ankles better!!

Ps. I always think it's pretty funny when I see girl young and old who buy these ridiculously high heels and then can't walk in them! It makes me laugh; I have a friend who does it all the time. She may as well wear flats because she looks ridiculous when she can't walk in her shoes! :P

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nail design

I'm in love with this new nail polish colour i got from Sportsgirl last week for 3 bucks! I got there gorgeous little nail art flowers to i'm in love.

Is Miley Cyrus' new video too raunchy?

Miley Cyrus

Miley at it again, her new music video for 'Who Owns My Heart' has landed her in hot water.

Ok so in the video, she rolls around on a bed in skimpy lingerie before riding to a nightclub in a limousine wearing a pair of very tiny short-shorts.

I love Miley and I’m not embarrassed to say it, I love her poppy vibe and her borderline edgy videos clips.

Why is everyone giving Miley crap, sure she was once the innocent little Hannah Montana but she’s growing up isn’t it about time people let her!

I these people, who complain about her “raunchy” videos, need to get a life, and grow up!

What about Britney and Christina, they’ve all been there!

I say leave the girl alone and get back to your own lives and stop picking on the lives of those you have no control over!!

Rock it Miley!!!

Take a look for yourself...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's R U OK? Day today, and a great time to think about people around you and reach out to show you care.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whats in my beauty bag...

I've decided to add a new section to my blog, each Wednesday i'll be telling you about products I’ve used. The reviews will be straight from my gorgeous Louis Vuitton make up box to you!

To start us off, straight from my make up-box, this week i'm loving my Garnier Youthful Radiance UV Protect SPF15 face moisturiser.

I got this little beauty from the Flower and Garden show at the Garnier tent, so bonus it was free! It normally RRP for about $16.00.

I find the lotion quite lightweight, you only need one pump of the bottle, it rubs in easily and it doesn't leave my skin looking oily.

It helps to keep my skin hydrate through out the day. I love it how it has a SPF 15 perfect for the whole year round!

While reading the back of the bottle it said it helps to reduce the signs of sun damage such as fine lines, uneven skin tone and sun spots, now we could all use a little of that!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let the race begin!

With the racing season fast approaching. Actaully the Caulfield Cup is kicking of the Spring Carnival of this weekend.

I came across this song and thought it was rather appropriate for this time of year!

Take a look! It's sung by AJ Michalka from Aly & AJ fame!

Oxygen Bars

Peppermint, bayberry, cranberry, wintergreen. Candy? Lollipops? You ask no these are "flavours" of oxygen offered at your local oxygen bar.

Have you guys seen these, I’ve never really heard about them before until I stumbled across this photo of my gorgeous friends, at a London club hooked up to the thing. They look like gorgeous models hooked up to an IV. My friend tells me its "Its sooo much fun! Getting high without alcohol lol"

Rumour has it that oxygen bars were introduced in the USA in the late 1990s, the trend has caught on, and customers are bellying up to bars around the country to sniff oxygen through a plastic hose.

For about a dollar a minute, enthusiasts inhale 95 percent oxygen and report that it relieves a variety of maladies from hangovers to headaches.

So next time your at your local bar ask if they have an Oxygen bar to try!

Vaseline - Lip Therapy VS. Blistex - Lip Conditioner

Which one is better for my lips, I tend to use both which ever one my fingers glide across first in the bottom of my bag is the one I choose. But which one is really better for my lips. I've been told that people’s lips get dependant on Blistex, is this true?

I’ve done a little comparison between the two. I think I prefer the Vaseline - Lip Therapy better, it glides on easily and doesn't make my lips feel dry still! While with the Blistex - Lip Conditioner my lips still feel rough and dry, like there still craving moisture! The only plus I've found with Blistex is its SPF 20 while my Vaseline is only SPF 15! In summers that extra SPF 5 really helps!

I also use Luca's Papaw Ointment, but have unfortunately run out at the moments, but this one has no SPF so it's not great for the summer! The thing I love about it though is it's great for other things like stings and bites. While travelling around Italy, I went to Venice and we are staying at a water side hotel and the mossies were horrid, I normally don't get bitten by their Aussie cousins but these guys just loved my blood (Vampires I tell you)!

After trying all the different bite creams, from all over the world, I was on to my last resort and pulled out the tube of Luca's Papaw to put on my chapped lips, that’s when I read the back and it said for bites so I thought I’d try it out, so I dabbed some onto the bites, amazing instant relief!

I would highly recommend it!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The first burn...oh the summer!

I was away all weekend; down along the coast if you read my previous blog you already know this.

Well it was a fabulous weekend, a few low points but all up a good weekend. Which brings me to my next point, on the Sunday, Meggles and I decided to go down to the beach before driving home to get over our drunken state! This was all fun and games and it was amazing down by the water it was the most amazing weather the perfect summers day -only it was spring-, we laid about, brought some $4 buckets and spade and made some, let me rephrase that I made some sand castles and Meggles made piles of sand!

By about 4 we decided to head home, which was when the trouble began. I got we got back into the car to find we were both as red a lobsters! Just great!

I'm not quite that red!

I'm still burning! I've been dousing myself in Vitamin E cream to help keep my skin moist! This gave me a great idea for a blog home sun burn remedies!

Here are some other ideas I’ve read about to cure the sting of sun burn.

For large sunburned areas, an apple cider vinegar bath works wonders. Use a brand from the health food store that has been wood-aged, rather than one from the supermarket that may have been chemically-aged. Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the skin’s pH factor, its acid/alkaline balance. As with all parts of the body, when there is chemical balance, healing is supported.
 Add two cups apple cider vinegar to a bathtub of warm water.
 Let your child soak for 15 minutes. The skin will be calmed and soothed, and much of the pain will be immediately relieved.
 After the bath, you can use one of the remedies described below to promote further healing.

Though it may not have all of us living to 120 (remember those Russian peasant ads of several years back?), yogurt is a natural healer. It is the antidote for the burn of hot, spicy food in Indian cooking by re-establishing acid/alkaline balance and works the same way for sunburned skin. For sunburn, I use compresses of natural yogurt to help cool and hydrate the skin.
 Wrap whole-milk, full-fat, plain yogurt in several layers of cheesecloth and compress the burn.
 Replace with fresh compresses as the yogurt warms on the skin.
 Repeat compresses until the skin is cooled and soothed.
 Yogurt can be spread over the entire body--turning an upsetting, painful sunburn into a fun spa treatment that girls, especially, will love. (And boys, too: my son Brian has always enjoyed our herbal “spa treatments”.) Leave the yogurt on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off in a cool shower.

My friend Jay-Jay swears by this method!

No apple cider vinegar or plain yogurt in the house? Then check the deepest recess of your refrigerator for that box of baking soda you stashed there eons ago (hopefully, not too many eons--to effectively deodorize your fridge, baking soda should be changed about every 3 months). Like apple cider vinegar and yogurt, baking soda helps to balance pH, the skin’s acid/alkaline balance.
 Add ¼ cup baking soda to a warm bath for an effective sunburn-healing soak.
 Have your child soak for 15 minutes.

This one sounds like it might hurt!!

Stright out of my own makeup bag I would recommend this product as my fail safe sunburn healer!

Le Tan Iced Green Tea After Sun Mist Spray 250mL
Its Le Tan-Iced Green Tea After Sun Mist Spray with Aloe Vera. It smells a little odd but it's a miracle worker. I'm running low and need too stock up for summer! Keep in the fridge for instant cooling relief on a hot day.

Have you tried any of these or have something else..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Stealing the Sun!!

I love how as soon as the sun comes out people just flock to outdoors, the city so lively and fun! It makes me smile! I'm so excited for summer; take it from someone who had a year full of winter’s nothings better than the summer sun!

I'm lucky enough to have picked the first awesome spring weekend to go on a little roundtrip with my friend Meggles down to the Sorrento Beach, I'm so very excited.

I seriously just love this sun, I want to steal it and keep it in my pocket!!

Ps. Thanks Sarah -Gen Y Journo- for selecting me for the Stylish Blogger Award, i'll blog about it tomorrow when i'm back from the beach!

Adios Amigos...enjoy the sun!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Who Will Win...Game On!

Its been a week full of AFL,  James Hird has been enlisted to raise the Bomber back to the top. Gary Ablett will be sunning him self on the 'Gold' Coast and Mark Thompson is searching for, well no one really knows.

All this and the season most important game has yet to be decided. It's histroy is in the making who will win the Grand Final Replay tomorrow??

St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt (left) and Collingwood skipper Nick Maxwell (right) hold the premiership cup aloft at the 2010 AFL grand final parade in Melbourne on September 24, 2010. (ABC News: Anthony Stewart)
I go for neither team but I would like to see St. Kilda take the flag! Not a huge Collingwood fan, actually I don't think anyones a huge fan unless you're a Collingwood supporter! Australia vs. Collingwood! :p

I heard a funny joke the other day...if you're a Collingwood supporter turn away now!
Collingwood supporters can't read and write but they can draw! Haha!

Random Thoughts

• Nothings worse than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong. (Trust me this doesn't happen all too often!)

• I hate it when your walking down a street and then you realise you were meant to be going the other way, so instead of turning around and risk looking like a freak switching directions mid step, you have to stop and make a fuss somehow by either checking your phone, watch or any other electronic device you may be holding -in which cases if it's a GPS, take it back! - So that the strangers you're never going to see again don't think you’re weird!

Lipton Iced Tea Commerical

I love this ad, my sister asked me to watch it the other day and I just love it!

It makes me feel happy!

The music’s upbeat, the stars gorgeous, Hugh Jackman need I say more.

I couldn't tell you what it was selling, if I hadn't watched it a few times. But it is indeed an ad for Lipton Iced Tea.

Take a look!

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