Wednesday, April 4, 2012

“too thin” VS. “too fat”?

It has come to my attention after recent happenings within my life that people don't believe that calling someone too skinny hurts just as much as calling someone too fat. We always hear about people getting called too fat, more often than too skinny. But believe me it hurts all the same.

Not every super skinny girl has an eating disorder.

I've always been slim since I was a child; I have been tall and lanky. I had to put up with years of being called anorexic, -gee children are so creative- and it hurt to know I wasn't and to be kept being called these names. People still say I’m to skinny, but I eat junk food and whatever I want and still stay really skinny. (Thanks Dad)

The other day while I was out and about I ran into a friend I’d gone to High School with, the first thing she said to me after the initial "Hi" was "My god you are still so skinny!!’...Thanks I hadn't noticed, but it brings me to this point what if I’d turned around to her and said ‘Oh my god you're still so FAT!!’ I wouldn’t because I know that’s unacceptable.

Just so you all out there know every girl worries about their bodies, their imperfections and the way they look. Even supermodels worry; they are constantly under pressure to stay slim. It should be a common fact in today’s society that skinny comments can hurt just as much as fat comments.It doesn’t matter what shape or size, we all see imperfections when we look in the mirror. So next time you think about making said comments, just remember… Every girl has issues about their looks!!!

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