Monday, October 4, 2010

The first burn...oh the summer!

I was away all weekend; down along the coast if you read my previous blog you already know this.

Well it was a fabulous weekend, a few low points but all up a good weekend. Which brings me to my next point, on the Sunday, Meggles and I decided to go down to the beach before driving home to get over our drunken state! This was all fun and games and it was amazing down by the water it was the most amazing weather the perfect summers day -only it was spring-, we laid about, brought some $4 buckets and spade and made some, let me rephrase that I made some sand castles and Meggles made piles of sand!

By about 4 we decided to head home, which was when the trouble began. I got we got back into the car to find we were both as red a lobsters! Just great!

I'm not quite that red!

I'm still burning! I've been dousing myself in Vitamin E cream to help keep my skin moist! This gave me a great idea for a blog home sun burn remedies!

Here are some other ideas I’ve read about to cure the sting of sun burn.

For large sunburned areas, an apple cider vinegar bath works wonders. Use a brand from the health food store that has been wood-aged, rather than one from the supermarket that may have been chemically-aged. Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the skin’s pH factor, its acid/alkaline balance. As with all parts of the body, when there is chemical balance, healing is supported.
 Add two cups apple cider vinegar to a bathtub of warm water.
 Let your child soak for 15 minutes. The skin will be calmed and soothed, and much of the pain will be immediately relieved.
 After the bath, you can use one of the remedies described below to promote further healing.

Though it may not have all of us living to 120 (remember those Russian peasant ads of several years back?), yogurt is a natural healer. It is the antidote for the burn of hot, spicy food in Indian cooking by re-establishing acid/alkaline balance and works the same way for sunburned skin. For sunburn, I use compresses of natural yogurt to help cool and hydrate the skin.
 Wrap whole-milk, full-fat, plain yogurt in several layers of cheesecloth and compress the burn.
 Replace with fresh compresses as the yogurt warms on the skin.
 Repeat compresses until the skin is cooled and soothed.
 Yogurt can be spread over the entire body--turning an upsetting, painful sunburn into a fun spa treatment that girls, especially, will love. (And boys, too: my son Brian has always enjoyed our herbal “spa treatments”.) Leave the yogurt on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off in a cool shower.

My friend Jay-Jay swears by this method!

No apple cider vinegar or plain yogurt in the house? Then check the deepest recess of your refrigerator for that box of baking soda you stashed there eons ago (hopefully, not too many eons--to effectively deodorize your fridge, baking soda should be changed about every 3 months). Like apple cider vinegar and yogurt, baking soda helps to balance pH, the skin’s acid/alkaline balance.
 Add ¼ cup baking soda to a warm bath for an effective sunburn-healing soak.
 Have your child soak for 15 minutes.

This one sounds like it might hurt!!

Stright out of my own makeup bag I would recommend this product as my fail safe sunburn healer!

Le Tan Iced Green Tea After Sun Mist Spray 250mL
Its Le Tan-Iced Green Tea After Sun Mist Spray with Aloe Vera. It smells a little odd but it's a miracle worker. I'm running low and need too stock up for summer! Keep in the fridge for instant cooling relief on a hot day.

Have you tried any of these or have something else..


  1. I swear by that le tan stuff
    I remember last yr spending a day at the beach and i was bright red, i even had a white bow on my b ack from where the bikinis tied up.
    If only qld could have nice sunny days so i can go to the beach...

  2. Ouchy...I hate getting burnt! Buy you're so right that Le Tan stuff is amazing! fresh from the fridge is like heaven!! xx


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