Monday, October 18, 2010

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes!!

I had a pretty big Saturday night this past weekend, it was very fun indeed! But it got me thinking about what us girls put ourselves through on a night out! I may have had one too many drinks, but surprisingly was ok in the morning! But it wasn't until today that I woke today with an excruciating pain in my ankle - I unfortunately have a bad case of weak ankles from the years or Netball and the once unfortunate high jump experience when I was way to tall for the small mat- that I remember rolling it when i got out of the club and was looking for a taxi.

I know we've all heard it before that high heels are causing us women foot deformities, sciatic nerve pain, knee pain, herniated discs and a range of other crippling maladies. But why am I telling you this…just have a look at the video below.

I'm not going to lie i'll still wear high heels just maybe with more caution now! And not till my ankles better!!

Ps. I always think it's pretty funny when I see girl young and old who buy these ridiculously high heels and then can't walk in them! It makes me laugh; I have a friend who does it all the time. She may as well wear flats because she looks ridiculous when she can't walk in her shoes! :P

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