Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Whip My Hair!

As I was trolling through one of my favourite blogs the other week when I came across Willow Smiths - daughter of Will Smith- new song and video Whip My Hair.

It's a cute song and has a great beat, I can't get it outta my head.

But wait a second isn't she 9...when i was 9 I was still playing with my Barbies. (Ok so my dad wasn't famous and all but still) Don't get me wrong I love a good magazine special on the Hollywood kiddies as the next person but are these Hollywood tots growing up far to fast.

Suri Cruise only last week spent a reportedly $1300 on makeup. And has a wardrobe that would be a lot more than many of us will make in a life time! And she's 4 and wears high-heels! Jealous much? I am!

(I hope I get to take a photo just like this when I'm in Disneyland!)

Apparently the Joile-Pitt clan, are allowed to do what ever they like swear, eat junk and Maddox 9 drinks wine and drives the car around the property. These are claims from a money hungry nanny so who know if there true.

I struggled to find a photos of the modern Brady Bunch all together!

Kingston gotta be one of the coolest kiddies going around!

Apple and Moses soo cute!!

What do you think, is this the new Hollywood Brat Pack?


  1. great post steph - awesome info and interesting thoughts on those strange little kids!

  2. I love the all the hollywood kids :)
    they live lives I can't even imagine.


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