Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm making my comeback...Now

So it has come to my attention that I have been somewhat - and by somewhat I mean - very slack in the blogging game for a while. But don't fear I’m making my much anticipated comeback into the arena...haven't heard of me well you will from this point on!!
 If you're new or old this blogs not really about anything in particular it's just a bunch on my rambles and weird and wondrous facts that make my life just a little bit more interesting!!

 I actually have a pretty funny story for you...it all happened a few weeks ago...

So the other Weekend after a big night out my friend and I were talking about travelling and how we hate long bus journeys.
She told me about a horrendous one that took 8 hours which I told her was nothing compared to my 12 hour on from Switzerland to France on my Contiki.
Knowing full well she herself had been on Contiki, I asked her if she had done the same trip and had just forgotten about it.

She said no she had not gone to France on her Contiki tour, out of curiosity I asked where indeed she had been on her tour.

 This is what followed...

Me: Where did you go on your Contiki?

Friend: Well I went all around Europe you know, Germany, Austria, Amsterdam, Switzerland and Paris ect.

Me: Sorry did you say Paris?

Friend: Yeah, I loved Paris.

Me: So you did go to France!

Friend: Nah, I didn't go to France on my Contiki, but I went later though.

At this point let’s just say I was a little shocked.

But I pressed on.

Me: But if you went to Paris you went to France. France is the Country, Paris is the city you can't have one with out the other!

Friend: No, I didn't go to France!!!

Me: Ok, well you did but let’s leave it at that!

 (Also just to note, if you do a Contiki that leaves from London you have to catch a ferry from the White Cliffs of Dover to Calais, France. So the first place you go on almost every Contiki is France!)

I was shocked...are you shocked!

 I just had to share this with you!!


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