Friday, April 16, 2010

Working . Class . Girl...

I've never had a blog before but I thought it was time to try something new and why not start with something small like a blog and build it up to what I really want right?

Working Class girl where did that come from well I thought why not start a blog in regards to life trying to find and job in the big wide world, especailly with the whole GFC and everything.
Soo lets just say I have bad luck finding jobs, the one time I found a good job I was on the other side of the world... and I think I used all my good luck up there.

I've had too many jobs to point a stick at i've worked as a "Schoolie" at a childcare center cleaning up dipers (yuck)...check-out chick...receptionist...sales leader (and there was no sing Jona's brother's at my camp just horses and 60 kids!)...waitress...model...event manager...and there's more except I'm having a mental block...or maybe i've just blocked the rest out...sure that doesn't seem like that many jobs but I'm only 21 thats gotta be some kind of record right...maybe i'll call the Gunniess World Record Book and then I can add another job to my list World Record holder...

So that's why i've decided to write a blog which will follow me through the job hunting process the endless hours (ok now i'm starting to sound i'll make it fun) of trying to find a job which will hopefully lead to THE job!

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